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2015 Season Photos

Skeena Cat Skiing season through the lens...
And the season begins... The Dube Group Father and son First in a sequence... Looking far Oooops! Sweet powder! Snow ghosts everywhere.. Beautiful scenery On the top group shot Let's go fellas! Look where we've been! Group photo #2 She loves you, yeah, yeah, yeah New friends... Love this photo! Heading to camp.. Kevin at the wheel.. and it's coming down! So...we have water! and when are the guests arriving? Bedroom tent before insulation Dining room is ready...except for the chimney! We got the pow! It's all downhill! Deep! and deeper! awesome conditions! Before the guests awake! Opening roads Love this these guys! The common tent...and we have heat! The village! Rehashing the days blower conditions! Bedroom quonsens..insulated and heated Comfy quarters Cool photo! First dinner at camp! First group from Meltingspot Association And the second group! The sleds arrive! After hours entertainment Sleds provided by Harvey Mountain Snowmobile Tours Jevon captured this nice angle of camp! Aaah...what a cute couple! Great time with these cool guys from Quebec A small sacrifice was called for! Brett Tippie stopped in for a few days Melissa and Brett...where's Matt? Vier Deuschter, cinq Quebecois, 1 crazy mountain biker and his crazy agent! In the 83 year old! A special seafood dinner for our Norwegian guests! Makes my mouth water! Rock Talk weekend! Looks like the end of the earth! Our favourite Julie's came to camp! Along with Brad, some crazy Albertans and a couple Americans! I hear it was quite the mix! Common tent Lounging around! Too much skiing or too much beer? 3 adventurous fellas came up from Vancouver! If you can get in a group with the Julies...serious fun guaranteed! Every camp needs a dog...apparently! Logan..great cat driver..making sure the cat is good to go! Backcountry beauty! Sp pretty! Jevon in his glory!

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