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Skeena Cat Skiing & Boarding | Northern BC Catskiing & Snowboarding

Northern British Columbia

Cat Skiing and Boarding

Welcome to Skeena Cat Skiing

Welcome to Skeena Cat Skiing

  "Great team, great place!  I would even say "THE PLACE TO BE" J.C. Sevrier, France

British Columbia is well known as the cat skiing mecca of the world and rightly so, with over 20 cat skiing operations in the Province.  Skeena Cat Skiing is the only dedicated cat ski operation in Northern, British Columbia, as well Skeena Cat Skiing operates from the only Backcountry Cat Skiing Camp in Canada!  Treat yourself to an adventure BEYOND THE CROWD....

  •  unique location - Northwest B.C.
  •  unique accommodation - the only Backcountry Cat Skiing Camp in Canada!
  •  easy access - daily flights to Smithers B.C. via Air Canada
  •  NO car rentals - airport service included in price
  •  unique staff - superb at their craft and love skiing and boarding
  •  Canadian owned and operated 

     "Great food, superb guides, expert cat driving...thanks for doing it so well!" L & S, Salmon Arm, B.C.

Skeena Cat Skiing is about skiing and boarding!  Skiing and boarding with others who love snow as much as you do!  Rippin' with friends and family, meeting other lovers, making new friends and skiing!  It's about being in the wilderness, getting away from the hustle, bustle and responsibilities of life and immersing yourself in the pristine backcountry.









Skeena Cat Skiing Base Camp consists of 6 quonset style double occupancy "bedroom" tents and a large communal tent for dining and relaxing!  For detailed information on the camp, click here.

Skeena's ski tenure is located 80km due north of Smithers, B.C. and approximately 200km inland from the Alaskan border.  The ski tenure area is approximately 600 square kilometers and has long been known by the local loggers and powderhounds as a crazy snow belt.  It is here where the warm, moist Pacific air collides with the cold, dry air from the interior creating huge dumps of perfect powder snow.  The local mountains further enhance the accumulation.  Most likely if it is snowing anywhere in BC, it is snowing at Skeena Cat Skiing!

     "....all of my expectations were far surpassed!  The people, food and especially the powder were all amazing!! G.Gilles, Vancouver, B.C.

Powder skiing at Skeena Cat Skiing from Skeena Cat Skiing on Vimeo.

Come on up, bring your powder lovin' will be warmly welcomed, well taken care of and enjoy a truly unique backcountry experience in the wilds of Northern British Columbia!

For booking and availability enquiries please call Lynn at 250-842-3333 (Country Code 1) or toll free in NA at 1-877-859-0754 or email