Skeena Cat Skiing
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Skeena Cat Skiing & Boarding | Northern BC Catskiing & Snowboarding

Northern British Columbia

Cat Skiing and Boarding

Welcome to Skeena Cat Skiing

Welcome to Skeena Cat Skiing

British Columbia is known as the cat skiing mecca of the world and rightly so, with over 30 cat skiing operations in the Province.  Skeena Cat Skiing is the only dedicated cat ski operation in Northern, British Columbia, as well Skeena Cat Skiing operates from the only Backcountry Cat Skiing Camp in Canada!  Treat yourself to an adventure BEYOND THE CROWD....

"Great people...great food....and great skiing!"

Come on up, bring your powder lovin' will be warmly welcomed, well taken care of and enjoy a truly unique backcountry experience in the wilds of Northern British Columbia!

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